Japanese Language Short Course


Japanese Language Short Course fee: 10,000 BDT
Lesson: 1–12; Useful for Tourist Visa
Assessment: Formative and Summative


Japanese Language Short Course

Course Description:
The Introduction to Japanese Language Short Course is designed to provide learners with a basic understanding of the Japanese language and culture. This short course introduces the fundamentals of Japanese communication, including essential phrases, hiragana, and cultural insights, making it an ideal starting point for those interested in exploring the Japanese language.

Course Objectives:

Basic Greetings and Expressions:
Learn the essential greetings, expressions, and polite forms used in Japanese daily life.
Practice basic conversational skills for introductions, expressing gratitude, and making simple requests.

Hiragana Script:
Introduce and practice the hiragana writing system, the foundation of Japanese characters.
Develop reading and writing skills to enhance overall language proficiency.

Survival Vocabulary:
Build a basic vocabulary to handle common situations such as shopping, dining, and asking for directions.
Focus on practical words and phrases for effective communication.

Cultural Insights:
Explore key aspects of Japanese culture, including customs, traditions, and social etiquette.
Gain insights into Japanese daily life to enhance cross-cultural understanding.

Introduction to Japanese Characters:
Provide an overview of kanji characters and the katakana script.
Familiarize learners with commonly used characters in daily contexts.

Interactive learning activities:
Engage in interactive activities such as role-plays, games, and group discussions to reinforce language skills.
Encourage practical application of newly acquired knowledge.

Module Assessment:
Continuous assessment through participation in class activities.
Short quizzes are used to evaluate the understanding of key concepts.
Final project or presentation incorporating learned language skills and cultural insights.

Recommended Textbooks and Materials:
“Japanese from Zero!” by George Trombley and Yukari Takenaka
Online resources for hiragana practice and basic vocabulary

Note: This short course is designed for beginners with little or no prior knowledge of Japanese. It serves as an introduction to the language, providing a taste of Japanese communication and culture. The course content and pace may be adjusted based on the participants’ learning progress and needs.

The Usefulness of  Japanese Language Short Course

The Japanese Language Short Course for Foreigners is a valuable introduction to the language and culture, offering practical skills for immediate use. The course provides a foundation for further language study and cultural exploration, whether for travel, business, or personal interest.

Participants gain practical vocabulary tailored for everyday situations such as shopping, dining, and asking for directions. This prepares them to handle common scenarios encountered while living, working, or traveling in Japan.

The course incorporates interactive activities, role-plays, games, and group discussions, promoting active engagement and practical application of language skills. This approach enhances the learning experience and encourages participants to use Japanese in real-life scenarios.



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