eSheBee Vision

eSheBee Enterprises, dedicated since 2014, is a transformative force that empowers women from marginalized and rural backgrounds by encouraging entrepreneurship. Our organization identifies skill gaps among these women and provides training aimed at enhancing their capacity. eSheBee has set a vision for 2030, which has many opportunities and potential. We are working tirelessly to form the eSheBee Foundation which if implemented will realize the main goal of eSheBee to benefit the underprivileged people. Despite its appreciable impact on the community, eSheBee faces financial challenges as a private institution, which jeopardizes its vital role in social development. Emergency financial support is critical to ensuring the continued success of the global eSheBee Enterprises, allowing us to persevere in our mission of developing skilled people, empowering women, encouraging entrepreneurship and contributing to lasting social change. Your valuable contribution can be the catalyst needed

to sustain this influential initiative and empower more women to break barriers and thrive as entrepreneurs. Website:

eSheBee Vision-2030

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