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eSheBee Vision

eSheBee Foundation, dedicated since 2014, is a transformative force that empowers women from marginalized and rural backgrounds by encouraging entrepreneurship. Our organization identifies skill gaps among these women and provides training aimed at enhancing their capacity. eSheBee has set a vision for 2030, which has many opportunities and potential. We are working tirelessly to form the eSheBee Foundation which if implemented will realize the main goal of eSheBee to benefit the underprivileged people. Despite its appreciable impact on the community, eSheBee faces financial challenges as a private institution, which jeopardizes its vital role in social development. Emergency financial support is critical to ensuring the continued success of the global eSheBee Enterprises, allowing us to persevere in our mission of developing skilled people, empowering women, encouraging entrepreneurship and contributing to lasting social change. Your valuable contribution can be the catalyst neede

to sustain this influential initiative and empower more women to break barriers and thrive as entrepreneurs. Website: www.eshebee.com

eSheBee Vision-2030

eSheBee Vision Bard-2023-2030


All the objects mentioned hereunder will be implemented after obtaining necessary permission from the government/concerned authority/competent authority and the objects contrary to the provision of section 20 of the Act shall be treated as ineffective.
1. To undertake and carry on any humanitarian or charitable program for the poor, disabled and underprivileged people.
2. To aware mass people on importance of education, health care, nutrition and environment through disseminating proper information, conducting training/workshops/seminars etc.;
3. To provide technical support to young entrepreneurs for performing social responsibility.
4. To prevent early marriage, dowry, women trafficking through networking with parents, educational institutes, law enforcing agencies and other government and non-government agencies.
5. To provide adult literacy among rural women through operating Non-Formal Education Centers.
6. To empower girls through establishing and operating Adolescent Girls Clubs.
7. To establish libraries and reading rooms in needy communities.
8. To create Training/education centers and health centers.
9. To undertake research in developments and policy issues that will increase knowledge of different stakeholders on women empowerment.
10. To undertake program for capacity building of individuals, Community Based Organizations and Civil Society Organizations who are involved with women empowerment.
11. To take initiatives to protect environment and assist people to adapt with climate change.
12. To identify and seek funds from foundations and granting organizations whose guidelines and priorities are aligned with the overall objective or any specific objective of the foundation.
13. To reach out to individuals and communities connected through its members to raise funds and to obtain any other forms of support needed.
14. To work with governments and semi-governmental organizations to influence policies and legislation related to achieving the objectives set forth herein.
15. To establish impact enterprises for employment generation specially for the family members of the beneficiaries and the proceeds will be invested in different projects and programs.
16. To participate in development activities and policy affairs organized by other likeminded agencies.
17. To organize facilities for education and skill development training for the beneficiaries and in order to enable them to contribute in the development of smart Bangladesh.
18. To do all such things as are incidental or conducive to the attainment of the above-mentioned objects or any of them.


(a) Members Subscriptions, Borrowed fund and Donation.
(b) Local organizations donation
(c) Governments grants /donations.
(d) Foreign donor’s grants/ donations will receive Prior permission from the Government according to the Act of 2016 of F.D. Registration.

Overview and Request for Support: Establishing eSheBee Foundation

Since its establishment in 2014 as a private enterprise, eSheBee has primarily operated its small projects through personal funds and the support of generous individuals like yourself, in informal settings. However, owing to its impactful work within communities, eSheBee's reputation has grown significantly across the country and abroad accompanied by heightened expectations. There are numerous individuals, such as Rupa, Nargis and Moriom, who greatly benefit from eSheBee's assistance and now require structured support. To meet these growing needs, we have decided to establish the eSheBee Foundation in 2024 as a not-for-profit organization. This transition will enable us to secure funds from various sources including crowdfunding, government grants, and development partners, facilitating the implementation of our innovative projects. To achieve this milestone, we need initial financial support for the following:


Registration under the Office of the Registrar of Joint Stock Companies and Firms: $400 (inclusive of government fees, consultancy and legal charges). This primary registration will allow us to proceed with local funding initiatives.


Additional Registration under the Office of the Department of Social Service: $600 (inclusive of government fees, consultancy and legal charges). This will enable us to access government grants.

[We are so happy to be confirmed the sponsorship on above 2 registration from Mrs. Jahanara Hasan Nellie and Francesca Scalici]


3) Registration under the Office of the NGO Affairs Bureau: $1000 (inclusive of government fees, consultancy and legal charges). This registration is essential for receiving foreign funds.


4) Research Assistance Fellowship Program-$61764.91


5) Training fees, accommodation and food cost for 40 eSheBees to develop their skills on Caregiving: $11500. Upon completion of their training, they will be able to earn enough for a better livelihood with their family members through providing care services.


Office space rent for 1 year in Dhaka: $3,750.


6) Payroll for a team of 8 members for 1 year: $ 23,500.00. The team will work on institutional capacity development, project development, and implementation of ongoing small projects.

Support from you and/or your F&F in mobilizing funds for any or multiple aspects mentioned above would be immensely appreciated. Your contribution will play a pivotal role in realizing our vision and expanding our capacity to positively impact more lives within our communities. We are always thankful to our supporter for considering our requests. Should you have any questions or require further details, please don't hesitate to reach out. I look forward to the possibility of your support as we embark on this important journey.
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