eSheBee Web Development 3 Months Foundation Course


HTM, CSS. CMS Introduction and Installation, MySQL Database, Domain Register and DNS, Website setup in Live Domain and Hosting, WP theme Customize, PHP Knowledge for CMS, eCommerce instigation in WP website, 10+ Project by HTML CSS and WP CMS, Make a strong Portfolio in Marketplace, GitHub and, LinkedIn for Job Search


What is eSheBee 3 Month Web Development Course?

If you are a student or job holder and thinking of starting an online based career then this Web Development 3 month Basic course is for you.
Through this course we have taught:
CMS Introduction and Installation
MySQL Database Create
Domain Register and DNS
Website setup in Live Domain and Hosting
WP theme Customize
WP Plugin Setup
eCommerce instigation in WP website
10+ Project by HTML CSS and WP CMS
Create account in freelancing Marketplace
Make a strong Portfolio in GitHub and LinkedIn for Job search

Why you learn eSheBee 3 Month Web Development Course?

In today’s technology, you will find many free web development courses on YouTube or various websites. But if you want to learn web development through a group and a mentor and also want help if you get stuck somewhere, then this course is for you. We will fully support you during your studies as well as help you with your job search and work on the Freelance Marketplace. But remember we don’t guarantee you a job by doing this course but we create a foundation to get a job.

eSheBee 3 Month Web Development Course Module:

Module 01:
Install Code Editor
Introducing with HTML and CSS
Cover All Elements of HTML
Cover All Elements of CSS
Create GitHub Profile with Repositories
Make Project with HTML and CSS

Module 02:
Discitis about CSM
How to Install WordPress?
What is Dashboard?
Post Section
Users Settings
How to Install a WordPress Theme
How to customize a theme
Uses of WordPress Plugin
Creating Our First WordPress Theme

Module 03:
PHP Syntax
Different types of Data Type
Constant Variable
Conditions (if/elseif/else)
Arithmetic Operator
Assignment Operator
Comparison Operator
Logical Operator
Functions in PHP
PHP Function (Return)
PHP Function (Argument)
Array In PHP (index array/associative array)
Loop (While/do while, for, foreach)

Module 04:
Hosting Panel and My SQL Database:
Introduce with Hosting Panel
Database Create, Backup and Restore

Module 05:
Dynamic Logo
Dynamic Post
Date Format
Post Thumbnail
Post Pagination
How to display author name
Separating Template
Creating single.php
Creating page.php
Custom Page
Search Form
Creating search.php
Comment template in single.php
Creating 404 page
Creating Read More Button manually
Pagination in single Post
Post Format
Display Tag list & creating tag.php
Sidebar Check

Module 06:
Working with Custom Logo (Dimension)
Creating Page Templates
Creating contact page using Contact form 7 plugin
Creating Testimonial / Team Section
Working with WP Image Size
Introduction to Child Theme
Why Child Theme?
Working with child theme
Introduction to Custom Query
Working with Custom Query

Module 07:
Premium Theme Customization
Premium plugin Using

Module 08:
Introduction to Woocommerce Plugin
Working with Woocommerce Plugin
E-commerce Theme Customization with Woocommerce
payment gateway add and transaction

Module 09:
WordPress Website Security install
Firewall Setup

Module 10:
Problem Solve
Career Guide
Some Tips &Tricks

Freelancing Marketplace Introducing and Job Searching
Fiverr and Upwork Profile Create with Job Post
LinkedIn Profile Create and Share Project
Marketplace Payment Solutions Class : Payoneer and PayPal


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