eSheBee Caregiving 6 Months Advance Course


Course Duration: 6 Months

Assessment: Formative and Summative assessment

Platform: Blended (Online and Offline)

Certification: Yes (from NSDA)


eSheBee Caregiving 6 Months Advance Course Details:

This caregiving course helps you to offer consistent, unconditional care, enabling each service user to live in an environment that encourages positive relationships, mutual respect, trust, and consideration for others. To accept and understand each service user, at all times maintaining their dignity and self-respect.

Course Duration:

Estimated time: 6 Months (360 Hours) 

Course Objectives:

  • Understand the role and responsibilities of a caregiver
  • Develop effective communication skills for interacting with care recipients and their families
  • Gain awareness of ethical considerations and boundaries in caregiving
  • Develop skills to handle Dementia Patient 
  • Develop skills to handle Alzheimer’s Patient 
  • Develop skills to handle Stroke Patient 

In This 6 Months Caregiving Advance Course, You Will Learn About

  1. Practice Negotiation Skills
  2. Demonstrate Work Value
  3. Lead a Small Team
  4. Orientation to mental retardation & autism spectrum disorders associated problems
  5. Provide care to elderly people
  6. Respond to Challenging Behavior
  7. Perform palliative care
  8. Manage clients with stroke, Dementia Parkinson’s & Alzheimer’s disease

Course Outline:

  1. Practice Negotiation Skills
  • Plan negotiations
  • Participate in negotiations
  1. Demonstrate Work Value
  • Define the purpose of the work
  • Apply work values/ethics
  • Deal with ethical problems
  • Maintain integrity of conduct in the workplace
  1. Lead a Small Team
  • Provide team leadership
  • Assign responsibilities
  • Set performance expectations for team members
  • Supervise team performance
  1. Orientation to mental retardation & autism spectrum disorders associated problems
  • Interpret autism spectrum
  • disorder (ASD)
  • Recognize ASD in Child
  • Recognize ASD in Adult
  • Follow treatment suggestions for ASD in adults

5. Provide support to Physically and mentally challenged Elders Monitor and record the vital signs of the client

  • Assist client with fluids and dietary
  • requirements
  • Assist client in urine and bowel
  • elimination
  • Assist client with bathing/ showering
  • Assist client in perineal/genital care
  • Assist client in oral care
  • Assist the client in skincare
  • Prepare and maintain the client’s bed
  • Assist client in safe movement and transfer
  1. Respond to Challenging Behavior
  • Plan responses for challenging behavior
  • Apply response for challenging behavior
  • Report and review incidents
  1. Perform palliative care
  • Assist in basic wound care
  • Apply hot and cold therapy
  • Assist in providing palliative care
  1. Managing clients with Stroke, Dementia, Parkinson & Alzheimer’s disease patient Prepare to assist with medication
  • Prepare the client for assistance in administering medication
  • Assist medication administration
  • Provide records and report of the client
  • Comply with industry procedures for raised issues
  • Complete administration of prescribed medication


Lectures and Presentations: Delivering theoretical concepts and principles.

Demonstrations and Practical Sessions: Hands-on training for caregiving techniques.

Role-Playing Exercises: Simulating real-life caregiving scenarios for communication practice.

Case Studies and Discussions: Analyzing ethical dilemmas and problem-solving.


Quizzes and Knowledge Checks: Assess understanding of theoretical concepts.

Practical Skills Evaluation: Assess competency in performing caregiving tasks.

Case Study Analysis: Evaluate decision-making abilities in ethical scenarios.



Textbooks, articles, and eSheBee e-learning platform on caregiving fundamentals.

Simulation equipment for practical training.

Videos demonstrating caregiving techniques and communication skills.


Upon completing this module, participants will have a strong foundation in caregiving principles, essential skills, and ethical considerations, enabling them to provide competent and compassionate care to needy individuals.


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