eSheBee Caregiving Mobile Application: eCare

eCare is a mobile-based application that will manage their activities for providing caregiver services. This app can be downloaded and used from the Google Play Store and App Store for Android and iOS operating systems. After this app is developed, a web application (website) will be created according to the UI and database of the app. The app is a caregiver skill development and job placement application where caregivers will get a job by creating an account and eSheBee will provide all the activities and salary of the job. At the same time, this app is one of the tools for those who are looking for caregivers. Anyone can hire Home Caregiver, Child Caregiver, Family Caregiver, Old Home Caregiver, Personal Caregiver, or Hospital Caregiver for his or her family through this app.

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The main purpose of eCare Apps is to develop caregiver skills and provide jobs, where caregivers will get a job by creating an account and provide all the activities and salary of that job. At the same time, those who are looking for caregivers can hire home caregivers, caregivers, family caregivers, old home caregivers, personal caregivers, hospital caregivers for his or her family.

Working requirements of eCare Apps:

Number 1: Both client and caregiver will have separate registration interface and login interface.

Number 2: The client can register through email, mobile, Facebook, Google, and LinkedIn at the same time.

Number 3: Caregivers can only register through email and mobile number verification. A tutorial will be provided for registration that caregivers can follow to register. This video will be in the app's database and the caregiver can watch the video through a popup. The video will not be on any third-party website. eSheBee will make the video.

Number 4: Caregiver and client will have separate home pages where they can know about their services.

Number 5: On the client's home page he will select the caregiver according to their needs and after hiring, they will see the list of caregivers. Some single pages will have health tips.

Number 6: On product page-1 there will be an option to type and hire a caregiver, review option will be there but it will not be shown up before hiring. After hiring, the client can leave a review.

Number 7: When the client wants to hire, and for how long you want to hire these will be given on the product detail page. The cost will be calculated based on these.

Number 8: The cart page will have a payment process.

Number 9: Visa Card, Mastercard, bkash, SSL Commerz will be included in the design as a payment gateway on the checkout page.

Number 10: An order confirmation message will appear on the payment successful page, the order history will be there and you can go back to the home page.
Number 11: Caregiver and client will have separate profile pages where they can add their other information. They can see other activities in the design including updating their profile and taking necessary action.

Number 12: The client will get a notification of any new health tips or any other offer on his profile page. Any issues/difficulties can be reported immediately. There will be a list of previous orders and there he can download his invoice.

Number 13: Admin profile will have home, all issue reports, all orders. Can reply to issues.

Number 14: Caregiver will get any offer notification on his profile page. Any issues/difficulties can be reported immediately. There will be a list of previously provided services. Caregiver will have bank details. They will get a notification after receiving the salary. Admin also will get the notification.

Objectives of eCare Apps:

Number 1: The app needs to be uploaded to the Google Play Store and Apple App Store at the same time. Which will be done by the developing organization. If the Google Play store or Apple App Store removes the app for any reason, it has to be re-uploaded to the app development company. After developing the App, the company will provide necessary support and service for up to 1 year.

Number 2:
The app will be a service-based mobile application for caregivers and those who need caregivers. Later on, this database and design will be a website, where services and all activities will be the same.
Number 3: This app will provide all the UI services. The UI can be modified and adapted according to the convenience of the app developer, the needs of the app, and the needs of the developer company.
Number 4:
After the app is created, the user should be given 15 days to test it. Once the testing is done, it will be uploaded to the app platform.

Number 5:
In no way can this app's UI, developing app, or any other information or data be shared anywhere else. Also, no information from this app can be used for marketing or educational purposes.

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