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eSheBee is a private enterprise, established in 2014 that performs Entrepreneurs’ Social Responsibility (ESR), a new concept of social entrepreneurship ideated by itself. It prioritizes achieving gender equality and women empowerment through entrepreneurship development in the underprivileged communities. eSheBee generates profits in kind and cash through doing business partnering with target communities. It’s current field of business is both service and product oriented. It provides Research, Training and Consultancy services to its valued clients at home and abroad. Besides, eSheBee develops attractive products utilizing local resources engaging rural women artisans as well as sells and distributes through multiple offline and online channels. eSheBee has earned reputation in the field of women entrepreneurship development through its research and training services locally and globally. eSheBee is the lead agency of eSheBee Programme that is being implemented through a multi stakeholder platform.


To build cost-effective, contemporary and sustainable development models of women empowerment by developing social enterprises within the underprivileged community through the maximum utilization of local resources by using innovation and technology.


A poverty free happy planet with gender equality, productive employment, sustainable economic growth and ecosystems.


1) To build social entrepreneurs forces;

2) Create employment opportunities using the power of innovation and technology;

3) Contributing to addressing social barriers by implementing Entrepreneur’s Social Responsibility concept;

4) Building and expanding sustainable models in the light of contemporary issues;

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